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The Graduate Student Senate is the official voice of graduate and professional students across a wide range of disciplines at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. We serve over 7000 students that have chosen to continue their education for the purpose of extending the boundaries of human knowledge and improving the lives of people in the state of Tennessee, the nation, and the world. This body consists of student representatives from each academic department of the University that offers graduate or advanced professional degrees or graduate certificates. 

The senator’s duties are to voice concerns and propose ideas to improve the graduate student experience. Our role in GSS is to advocate for all graduate/professional students and convey their views/priorities to the UT administration.

Serving in the Graduate Student Senate is both an amazing opportunity and a serious responsibility. We are obligated to represent our fellow constituents. It is our duty to serve as a liaison between the UT administration and the graduate student body. We hope to strategize with our fellow graduate student senators to identify common goals and implement plans to make our shared goals a reality.

Annual Report 2023-2024

The student leaders have compiled an annual report recording GSS accomplishments from this year and over the past few years. The report also looks at investments made by the university into graduate and professional students over the past few years.

GSS Election 2024-2025

Graduate and professional students voted for the 2024-2025 GSS President and Vice President, and approved changes to the GSS Constitution.

Visit the GSS election page to see the results.