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Departmental Senators

Graduate Student Senators are selected as representatives for their department or academic unit. Senators represent over 6000 graduate and professional students who have diverse perspectives, values and educational backgrounds. Departmental representation is based on enrollment numbers from the previous fall semester. Each department is guaranteed one Senate representative, however programs with more than 50 graduate students are allowed two representatives. The Senator selection process for each degree program may vary, but Senators share a common interest and passion for improving the graduate and professional student experience at the University of Tennessee. 

The Graduate Student Senate provides a platform for representatives with diverse perspectives to communicate, interact and collaborate. While graduate and professional degree programs result in specialization, platforms that foster connection, such as GSS, are key to maintaining a cohesive graduate student body which has a sense of place and togetherness. Senators find areas of shared passion or difficulties and develop initiatives to enhance the graduate student experience. Senators relay important information discussed during Senate meetings to the graduate and professional students they represent. As a representative for their departments, Senators also voice the opinions of the graduate and professional students within their department during Senate meetings. 

Department by College Voting Number Name
Architecture 1 Kay Kriegel
Architecture 2 Rachel Paganelli
Landscape Architecture 3 Carl Courter
Anthropology 4 Brianna Gardner
Anthropology 5
Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology 6 Lauren Walden
Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology 7 Morgan House
Chemistry 8 Trevor Wilson
Chemistry 9 Elizabeth Crumley
Earth and Planetary Sciences 10 Chance Sturrup
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 11 Hope Ferguson
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 12 Morgan Fleming
English 13 Kate Wright
English 14 Karen Norwood
Geography 15 Kayla Rouhlac
History 16 Stacie Beach
Life Sciences 17 Megan Elliott
Mathematics 18 Eli Brooks
Mathematics 19 Shannon Hall
Microbiology 20 Sayali Mulay
Microbiology 21 Diana Ramirez
Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures 22 Morgan Schneider
Music 23 Sarah Buzalewski
Music 24 Alexis Kilgore
Philosophy 25 Francis Nyamekeh
Physics and Astronomy 26 Tanner Mengel
Physics and Astronomy 27 Debshikha Banerjee
Political Science 28 Katherine Trubee
Political Science 29
Psychology 30 Golnaz Forouzandehfar
Psychology 31 Ian Warren
School of Art 32
Sociology 33 Zaina Shams
Theatre 34
Advertising & Public Relations 35 Josh Shockley
Communication and Information 36 Winston Roberts
Communication and Information 37 Jessica Barfield
Information Sciences 38 Francesca Watkins
Information Sciences 39
Journalism & Electronic Media 40 Aman Misra
Child and Family Studies 41 Hannah Thompson
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 42 Emily Ballesteros
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 43 Nathan Vann
Educational Psychology and Counseling 44 Taylor Baird
Educational Psychology and Counseling 45 Amanda Ainsley Green
Kinesiology, Recreation, & Sport Studies 46 Emily Mayfield
Kinesiology, Recreation, & Sport Studies 47 Austin Jackson
Nutrition 48 Nick Gill
Public Health 49 Catherine Warner
Public Health 50 Sandra Wairimu
Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism Management 51 Leah Coffey
Theory and Practice in Teacher Education 52 Tabatha Rainwater
Theory and Practice in Teacher Education 53 Amanda Carter
Accounting and Information Management 54 Olivia Bruck
Accounting and Information Management 55 Kainat Bhayani
Business Analytics and Statistics 56
Business Analytics and Statistics 57
Economics 58 Ivan Anich
Finance 59
Management & Entrepreneurship 60 Miranda Epperson
Management & Entrepreneurship 61 Tan Kim
Marketing 62
Supply Chain Management 63
Supply Chain Management 64
MBA – Working Professionals 65
MBA – Working Professionals 66
Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communications 67 Samuel T. Monarch
Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communications 68 Emoni White
Agricultural & Resource Economics 69 Bishal Bista
Animal Science 70 Jake Watts
Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science 71 Alexis Gillmore
Entomology & Plant Pathology 72 Kassie Hollabaugh
Food Science 73 Fernando Rivera
Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries 74 Joe DeMarchi
Plant Sciences 75 Kollin Johnson
Cent/Interdisc Rsrch Grad Edu (Bredesen Center) 76 Kevin Llopart
Cent/Interdisc Rsrch Grad Edu (Bredesen Center) 77 Sara Sultan
Comparative and Experimental Medicine 78
Law 79 Jake Gray
Law 80 Ronald Young
Nursing 81 Jeanne Bernier
Nursing 82 Adaora Ede
Social Work – Distance Education 83 Marlon Wade
Social Work – Distance Education 84 Suelynn Hartness
Social Work – Nashville 85
Social Work – Nashville 86 Alissa White
Social Work – Knoxville 87 Kristin (Nicole) Wiggs
Social Work – Knoxville 88 Aritra Moulick
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 89 Austin Conte
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 90 Rohit Ghanta
Civil & Environmental Engineering 91 Mohammed Elnur
Civil & Environmental Engineering 92 Vivek Chawla
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 93 Mojtaba Dezvarei
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 94 Francisco Zelaya
Industrial & Systems Engineering 95 Samuel Affar
Industrial & Systems Engineering 96 Chulin Chen
Materials Science & Engineering 97 Zane Smith
Materials Science & Engineering 98 Max Neveau
Mechanical, Aerospace & Biomedical Engineering 99 Anirban Roy
Mechanical, Aerospace & Biomedical Engineering 100 Breanna Schaeffer
Nuclear Engineering 101 Emily Hutchins
Nuclear Engineering 102 Evan Williams
Space Institute 103 Kyle Ackermann
Space Institute 104
Veterinary Medicine 105 Ashley Callahan
Veterinary Medicine 106 Nicole Quaglia

Contact GSS@UTK.EDU for roster updates/corrections. Last updated on 2/7/23

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