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Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

- ImageClassificationandSegmentation.
- DeepLearningSafety,RepresentationLearning.
- Self/WeaklySupervisedLearning, Reinforcement Learning.


May 2022 PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, TN, USA (GPA=3.96)
Sep. 2014 Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (GPA=3.65) Sep. 2012 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran (GPA=3.88)

Professional Service

  • Reviewer,IEEETransactionsonGeoscienceandRemoteSensing(TGRS).
  • Board Member, Graduate Student Senate, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2020-2021. 
  • Board Member, SYSTERS organization board, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2019-2020.


Present Sep 2018

Graduate Research Assistant, UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, Knoxville-United States

  • Open-set Recognition: Addressed the incomplete knowledge at training time and submission of unknown classes during testing, resulted in an ECCV paper.
  • Image Segmentation: Led a team of 3 in a project funded by IARPA to perform Semantic Segmentation of satellite imagery through different Machine Learning and Deep Learning models, resulted in three papers.
  • Hyperspectral Image Classification: Developed a few shot transfer learning for image classification, resulted in two papers.
  • Image Super-resolution : Addressed remote sensing image pansharpening through an attention-based network, resulted in one paper.
  • Multi-view Semantic Stereo: Led a team of 4 participating in IEEE GRSS Data Fusion Contest and conducted depth estimation, semantic segmentation, and multi-view fusion.
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning: Developed a deep reinforcement learning model to master the game of Quoridor.
  • Instance Segmentation: Participated in a group of 4 in Space Net challenge to address instance segmentation of satellite imagery.
  • Image Classification: Participated in a group of 3 in Functional Map of the World (FMoW) challenge to address land-use satellite imagery classification.
  • Data Collection: Collected ground truth for semantic segmentation of satellite imagery using QGIS.
  • Deep Learning Machine Learning Image Classification/Segmentation Reinforcement Learning

Present Aug 2020

Graduate Teaching Assistant, UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, Knoxville-United States

  • MachineLearning.

May 2015 Sep 2012

Graduate Research Assistant, SHARIF UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Tehran-Iran

  • Event Recognition in Traffic Videos using Topic Models.
  • 3D Reconstruction of an Object from Multiple Views.
  • Recognition of Facial Expression.page1image177516928 page1image177504256

Awards and Recognitions

  • Tennessee’sTop100 Fellowships,University of Tennessee,2018-Present.  
  • Grace Hopper Celebration student scholarship award, 2019.
  • Outstanding paper award,ICSPIS2016.
  • Top0.1% among +40k in graduate nationwide entrance exam, 2012.
  • Top0.5% among +300k in undergraduate nationwide entrance exam, 2008.



 Y. Qu, R. Kaviani Baghbaderani, H. Qi, C. Kwan, “Unsupervised Pansharpening Based on Self-Attention Mechanism”, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (TGRS), 2020.

 Y.Qu,R.KavianiBaghbaderani,W.Li,L.Gao,H.Qi,“Physically-ConstrainedTransferLearningthrough Shared Abundance Space for Hyperspectral Image Classification”, Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing (TGRS), 2020.


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