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Michael Vineyard



Michael is a graduate student and instructor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He is currently in his final semester of study for his Master’s degree in Architecture. He is a designer who seeks to use the practice of architecture as a medium for orchestrating impactful moments. Life is sophisticated and hard, and designers have the ability to provide moments of restorative clarity within that. They also have the ability to provide a refreshing contrast in the most mundane or uninspiring of conditions. Amidst the repetitive flows of everyday life, moments of pause are important and renewing. I try to find ways that design can initiate those moments and enrich the experience of a place with meaning. Michael moved to Knoxville in 2017 with his wife Maggie, who is an interior designer. They live in the Fountain City area with their dog, Violet, and their cat, Ivy.