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Megan Von Bergen




Fall 2018 – Present      Graduate Teaching Associate, University of Tennessee-Knoxville

English Composition 101 (standard curriculum)

English Composition 101 (pilot program)

English Composition 102: Inquiry into Religion and Public Discourse

Writing in the Workplace (Teaching Assistant)

Fall 2011 – Sp. 2018     English Faculty, Emmaus Bible College

Preparation for College Composition I

Preparation for College Composition II

English Composition

Introduction to Literature

American Literature / Early British Literature

Creative Writing

News Media Literacy


Science Fiction and Theology (co-taught with a member of the religion faculty)

Served as de facto writing program administrator

Sp. 2016 – Sp. 2018      Online Adjunct Faculty, John Brown University

Masterpieces of Literature

Spring 2011                 High School English Teacher, Christian International School of Prague

9th-12th grade English

Fall 2008 – Fall 2010    Graduate Teaching Assistant, Adjunct Instructor, Kansas State University

Expository Writing I, Expository Writing II

Introduction to Literature

Writing Center Tutor (Fall 2009-Spring 2010)


University of Tennessee-Knoxville 

Ph.D. student; Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics

Kansas State University May 2010

MA      English, British and American Literature. Summa cum Laude  

Bob Jones University    May 2008

BA       English. Magna cum Laude.


Dec. 2017         Graduate Certificate, E-Learning & Online Teaching. University of Wisconsin-Stout

Professional Service

Departmental Service

2020-2021                    Composition Committee, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

2020-2021                    Graduate Student Senate Representative

2019-2020                    Co-Chair, NEXUS 2020 Interdisciplinary Committee  

2019                              Presenter, August Workshops

Fall 2018 – Present       FYC Mission Statement Working Group

Disciplinary Service

2020 – Present              Composition Studies, Blog Co-Editor

2019 – Present              WPA-GO Graduate Committee Member

                                      Co-chair, Digital Presence subcommittee

2019 – Present              The JUMP+ Reviewer

Other Service

2018, 2019                   Interviewer, Writing Program Research Study (UTK)

2011-2018                    Writing Center Tutor Training, Emmaus Bible College

2011-2018                    Academic Advisor, Emmaus Bible College


Spring 2020

Qualitative Research Methods (Amber Roessner)

Quantitative Approaches to Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics (Jessi Grieser)

Fall 2019

Issues in Rhetoric and Composition (Lisa King)

Research Methodologies (Jeffrey Ringer)

L2 Pedagogy (Tanita Saenkhum)

 Spring 2018

Studies in English Education (Judson Laughter)

Digital Rhetoric, Writing, and Emerging Technologies (Sean Morey)

Religious Rhetorics (Jeff Ringer)

Fall 2018

History of Rhetoric (Janet Atwill)

Language and Identity (Jessi Grieser)

Writing Program Administration (Jeff Ringer)


2019 – Present              Council of Writing Program Administrators, WPA-GO

2019 – Present              Global Society of Online Literacy Educators (GSOLE)

2017 – Present              Conference on College Composition and Communication

2012 – 2016                  Conference on Christianity and Literature  

2012 – 2013                  National Council of Teachers of English

Awards and Recognitions

2020                 UT Hodges Teaching Award (PhD student)

2019                 Graduate Student Senate Professional Development Award. $1000.

2017                 UW-Stout Customized Instruction Scholarship, 2017-2018. Univ. of Wisconsin-Stout

2009                 Earle R. Davis Memorial Scholarship, 2009-2010. Kansas State University         


Von Bergen, Megan and Bethany Mannon. “Talking Climate Faith: Katharine Hayhoe and Christian Rhetoric(s) of Climate Change.” Rhetorics and Literacies of Climate Change, special issue of Enculturation, no. 32, 10 Nov 2020.

Von Bergen, Megan. “Who’s the #FakeHistorian? The Alt-Right Activism of the #FakeHistory Hashtag on Twitter.”Hashtag Activism Interrogated and Embodied: Case Studies on Social Justice Movements, edited by Kristi McDuffie and Melisa Ames. Boulder, CO: UP of Colorado / Utah State UP. Under contract.

Cope, Emily Murphy, Holland Prior, Jeff Ringer, and Megan Von Bergen. “To Splinter and Split: Mapping the Use of the Term ‘Evangelical’ on Twitter in the Age of Trump.” New Directions in Rhetoric and Religion: Exploring Emerging Intersections of Religion, Public Discourse, and Rhetorical Scholarship, edited by Jim Vining. Lexington, KY: Lexington Books. Under contract.



Von Bergen, Megan. Review of John Duffy’s Provocations of Virtue, UT State UP, 2018. Rhetoric Review 39.2, April 2020. 

--. Review of Douglas M. Walls and Stephanie Vie. Eds. Social Writing/Social Media: Publics, Presentations, and Pedagogies. WAC Clearing House, 2018. Reflections 19.2, March 2020.

--. Review of “Session E.33: Composing Realities in Digital Environments,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Pittsburgh, PA, March 2019. 8 April 2019.


Popular Publications

Von Bergen, Megan. “Designing for Ethos: Katharine Hayhoe’s Climate Change Advocacy,” Digital Rhetoric Collaborative, 6 May 2019,

--. “Grading Dilemma: Should We Round Up?” Faculty Focus, 10 April 2019.

--. “Earning Students’ Trust in Your Teaching.” The Teaching Professor, 10 April 2018.

--. “Meaningful Learning through One-on-One Conferences.” Faculty Focus, Magna Publications, 11 Dec. 2017,

--. “Using Screencasts for Formative and Summative Assessment.” Faculty Focus, Magna Publications, 21 July 2017,


Invited Talks

Von Bergen, Megan. “Ungrading: An Alternative Form of Assessment.” Brown Bag Series, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 13 Nov 2020, Online. Workshop.

--. “Ungrading as Anti-Racist Assessment,” English Department, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 12 Nov 2020, Online. Workshop.

--. “How Do I ‘Do College Student?’ Helping Students Learn the Moves for Academic Success.” TYCA-Midwest May Webinars, 28 May 2019, Online. Webinar.


Selected Conference Presentations

Von Bergen, Megan, Shauna Chung and Eric Hamilton. “Reclaiming Christian Commonplaces: How Digital Rhetoric Remakes Religious Discourse Communities,.” Conference of College Composition and Communication, Milwaukee, WI. Conference canceled due to Covid-19.

--. “Rhetorics of Information Literacy: Teaching Research in a Digital Age,” GSOLE, 31 January 2020. Online conference.

--. “DIY Rhetorical Feminism in Evangelical Culture,” Feminism and Rhetorics Conference, 13 Nov 2019. Harrisonburg, VA. Roundtable.

--. "Writing Program Administration at Religiously Affiliated Institutions," Council of Writing Program Administrators, 27 July 2019. Baltimore, MD. Roundtable.

--. "Mission (Im)Possible: The Rhetoric of Mission Statements in University Writing Programs." With Jeff Ringer, Holland Prior, and Allie Sockwell Johnston. Council of Writing Program Administrators, 27 July 2019. Baltimore, MD.

--. “Ethos on Twitter: Kevin Kruse, Dinesh D’Souza and the Rhetorical Appeal of Fake Academics,” Computers and Writing, 21 June 2019, East Lansing, MI.

--. “Trust Me: Towards a (Re)Definition of Ethos in First-Year Writing Courses,” Carolina Rhetoric Conference 2019, 12 April 2019, Raleigh, NC.

--. “Real Talk about Fake Academics: Kevin Kruse, Dinesh D’Souza, and the Performance of Expertise on Twitter.” Conference of College Composition and Communication, 15 March 2019, Pittsburgh, PA. Digital praxis poster.

--. “(Re)View How You Write Assignments: Universal Design and Assignment Directions.” Visions and Sites of Online Literacy Education, GSOLE, 25 January 2018, Online conference. Digital Praxis Poster.

--. “Writing Engendered by Faith: Christian Composition Textbooks and Evangelical Approaches to Writing.” Summer 2018 CCCC Regional Conference, 21 July 2018, University of Denver, Denver, CO.

--. “Demonstrating the Pedagogical Use of Screencasts,” Summer 2017 CCCC Regional Conference, 10 June 2017, UC Clermont, Batavia, OH.


Contact Information