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Davis Carter

Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries


Davis grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. While growing up in a large city Davis witnessed firsthand how urban development and advancement came at the detriment of wildlife populations which were isolated and unconnected in an urban and suburban environment. One of his favorite activities growing up was seeing which herpetofauna he could find in the creeks, ponds and woods throughout his neighborhood. These experiences led him to be interested in herpetology and prepared him for his first research project which was surveying reptiles surrounding Hampden-Sydney College, which he attended as an undergraduate. Part of this project involved collecting samples for ranavirus which causes a hemorrhagic disease in reptiles, amphibians and some boney fishes. This experience prepared him for a research technician position at the University of Tennessee in the Center for Wildlife Health. Later this technician job transitioned into a MS position studying ranavirus disease dynamics in GSMNP. After completing his MS in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, he continued to research amphibian diseases as a Natural Resource PhD candidate under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Matthew J. Gray.